Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, music and kids.......

They kind of go together, don't they? At least, in most churches I've ever gone to. Usually pretty tacky music, but when it's kids 5, 6, even 10 years old performing it, somehow it's never really terrible!! (Might be a bit painful for those of us with nearly pitch-perfect ears, but it's still cute!!)

Anyway, here's a group of kids at my church this Sunday! Mackenzie played her violin for the intro and the closing of the song. Unfortunately, not everyone "got the memo" that she'd be playing at the end and so her ending got a bit stomped upon by clapping -- but no matter!! She still did great, even if the applause messed up her rhythm a bit!!

And the proud moment for this mom -- she was so matter-of-fact about all of it. Not nervous at all!! Where did THAT come from? I used to be TERRIFIED of performing in front of people.....

And now..... here's Mackenzie!! With apologies for my abysmal videography skills!!)

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