Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And now an unusual birth.......

I have a new friend who I met on-line on a labrador retriever owner's chat group. Turns out she lives fairly close to me. Recently, she adopted a dog from a rescue group in Ohio. She was told the dog was heartworm negative, current on shots, and already spayed. When the dog got here, she found out that basically NONE of the above were true, and in fact, found out within a week of getting the dog that she (the dog, Sunnie!) was PREGNANT!!! Oh, my -- what a huge turn of events!!

My experience with pregnant and birthing dogs is fairly limited, but I do (obviously!) have a great deal of experience with birthing humans!! I offered to be a helper or at least a resource, if needed, whenever Sunnie went into labor.

So, long story short, Sunnie had puppies yesterday! Sweet birth, fairly uneventful, mom and five new babies are doing fine. Grandma/midwife Barb could probably stand to get some sleep, though!! (And as for WHEN Sunnie got pregnant or WHO the father/fathers were, we'll never know -- none of the pups looks like Sunnie!!)

And so, without further ado, enjoy puppy pictures!!!

Black and white BOY #1

Brown BOY #2

Black and White BOY #3

Brown and white GIRL #4

Brown GIRL #5

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