Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why I would never survive as a single mom

In our house, we've been dealing with mice this winter -- lots and LOTS of mice. Between the very cold winter and an irresponsible neighbor who let one unspayed cat turn into a neighborhood full of cats, I think the rodents have been driven indoors for protection.

We've had a "system" here all winter: hubby sets the traps, hubby empties traps, life is good. Until today, while hubby is at work..... and the trap goes off..... and there's a mouse, caught by its tail, screaming (I didn't know mice could do that...) and DRAGGING THE TRAP AROUND BEHIND IT THROUGH THE BASEMENT!! Gross, gross, gross, gross........

I ended up calling a nearby friend whose husband works from home and begging him to come over and remove the critter from my home! Ugh.... Beyond disgusting..... blech .....

OK -- back to my daily activities, once I unwrap my brain from the grossness factor of the last 45 minutes........ (And my sister in Honduras, who deals with scorpions, snakes, and all kinds of weird, scary insects is probably laughing hysterically right about now!!)



  1. LOL! I actually have had to deal with quite a few mice myself this "winter," and I'm not all that happy about it! We have our best success with the sticky traps, but we've found that, once the mouse is stuck to the paper, you have to "dispose" of it pretty quickly, or it can struggle its way loose. When our infestation was at its worst, I had to "dispose" of three mice IN ONE NIGHT! Actually killing them (because the trap doesn't do that) is the worst part for me. Sometimes I'll get one of the cats, and let them finish off the mouse for me. So now you know, I'm kind of a baby about mice myself.

    By the way, did you see I posted a flower picture for you a few days ago?

  2. I just saw the orchid picture a few minutes ago when I was searching for links to all the creepy-crawlies on your blog! That's beautiful -- it's a shame I can't have it shipped here!! Thanks for sending that!!