Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taylor's Grand Adventure!! -- Comical!!

This will probably be a bit long, but it's entirely too funny not to share! So, sit down, grab a hot chocolate or a cookie, read, and enjoy a good laugh at our expense!!


Our family had a lot of things going on today, which necessitated everybody being out of the house for most of the day. We worked everybody's schedules so that somebody would drop by the house every few hours, check up on the dogs (especially Taylor, now 6 days post-spay), and take the dogs out to do their business.

My hubby called me after lunch and said, "Sorry you spent so much money on Taylor's operation -- because I just killed her!!" Uh-oh, not a good way to start the conversation........

He came home mid-day and took Taylor out for a walk (with a retractable leash) around our court. When he got to the end of the court, Taylor pooped in the neighbor's yard. Hubby leaned down to clean it up, and as he did so, the breeze blew, sending a large leaf skittering across the road. Taylor decided to chase it! Unfortunately, since my hubby was leaning over, he was off-balance when Taylor hit the end of the retractable leash, pulling it out of his hand. She ran a short distance, stopped, then looked back and saw the retractable leash "chasing" her!! She took off running again! When she would run, the leash would lengthen, but when she'd slow down and look back, it would start to retract, looking like it was gaining on her -- so she'd get scared and take off again! She ran around the court, then cut across the court and got the leash caught on the wheel of our 50-gallon recycling container which was out on the curb. She was going so hard and fast that she pulled over the container and now was dragging IT along behind her, too!! She ran through the front yard with leash and can in tow, made a hard turn and finally got the recycling container caught on a tree in our front yard, which stopped her!! My husband says by the time he caught up with her, she was shaking uncontrollably, and once he got over being mad at her for not listening, he couldn't stop laughing!!

Oh, my, what I would give to have had a video camera going for THAT fun time!! Now if THAT doesn't pull out her stitches, nothing will!! (And I TOLD that stupid vet she was extremely high-energy!!! I wasn't wrong!!)

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